Pricing & Services

  You get flat-rate pricing, no hidden fees, no surprises, no BS.

Number of BedroomsStandard Cleaning
Studio $89
One Bedroom$99
Two Bedrooms$109
Three Bedrooms$129
Four Bedrooms$169
Five-Bedroom Homes$209
Six-Bedroom Homes$249

If you’re looking for short-term rental pricing, please click HERE

  • You get 10-15% off for a recurring service! 10% off each cleaning for a Monthly service, 12.5% off for Bi-Weekly, and 15% off for Weekly! Discount applies after the initial cleaning.
  • Post-construction jobs require a custom quote. Please call us at (855) 971-MAID (6243) to discuss.

“Are You The Cheapest Option For Cleaning?”

NO! If you’re looking for the cheapest option, maybe check out Craigslist… don’t be surprised who might show up at your door though :)

You’re expecting top-notch, reliable cleaning services with the least hassle possible. The cleaners who show up at your door are paid above average wages to support their families and are provided an amazing environment for them to work in. In turn, the cleaners will go above and beyond for you and ensure that you are taken care of!

“Ok Cool I Understand The Pricing. So What Am I Getting?”

Glad you asked, you beautiful human.


included Certified Cleaning Team (1-2 people).
included All tools/supplies.
included Amazing and fast customer service.
included 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.



All AreasStandard CleaningDeep CleaningMove In/Out Cleaning
Sweep and Mop Floorsrightrightright
Clean Toiletsrightrightright
Vacuum Carpet and Rugsrightrightright
Clean Mirrorsrightrightright
Take Out The Trashrightrightright
Stove Cleaningrightrightright
Empty and Clean Trash Cansrightrightright
Wipe Countertopsrightrightright
Wipe Door Handles & Light Switchesrightrightright
Dust Windows, Sills, and Ledgesrightrightright
Wipe Baseboardsrightrightright
Extra Attention to Shower & Bathroomrightrightright
Extra Attention to Outside of Kitchen Appliancesrightrightright
Interior Cabinet Cleaningrightrightright
Inside Fridgerightrightright
Inside Ovenrightrightright
Making BedsAirbnb Cleaning OnlyAirbnb Cleaning OnlyAirbnb Cleaning Only
Cleaning DishesAirbnb Cleaning OnlyAirbnb Cleaning OnlyAirbnb Cleaning Only
Polish Wood FurniturerightN/AN/A

“Ok wow, that’s a lot of green checkmarks. Can you just tell me which package I need?”

Yeahhh the chart can get a bit confusing. You can just shoot us a call at (855) 971-6243 and tell us about your home, and our awesome customer service reps will tell you which package is the best for what you need. Super Secret Insider Hint: if you tell a joke to the Reps they’ll hook you up with a discount code.

Below is a quick break-down of the differences between the packages:

Standard vs Deep Cleaning: Our prices are flat-rate for standard homes. A “standard cleaning” is if your place is already pretty tidy and you need a professional to come in and give it a better overall cleaning. If your home needs some extra love or hasn’t been cleaned in a while, we would definitely recommend a deep or hourly package.

Deep Cleaning: If you order a deep cleaning extra, that means the cleaners will spend extra time on the bathrooms and kitchens as they go through the cleaning. Usually we recommend this if you haven’t cleaned your place in a while. The deep clean package is not for if you want your place to be brand-spankin’ new! If you need a heavy detailed cleaning, the hourly cleaning package is definitely the best bet.

Hourly Cleaning: Hourly cleanings are the best choice if you want the most detailed cleaning for your home. You purchase a set # of hours and the cleaners will do how much is possible within the timeframe provided. You can provide direction to the cleaners on what you would like to get done. For example, if you want them to focus 2 hours on dusting organizing your antique unicorn doll collection, that’s totally cool! You prioritize what you’d like them to clean and the level of detail for each section! Please shoot us a call at 855-971-6243 to discuss if this is what you’re looking for.

“Is there any catch I’m not seeing here?”

We’re totally serious about the no hidden fees/no BS policy. Your time is valuable and we want you to spend that time with family, on your career, or just relaxing, so we try to make everything as smooth and seamless as possible.


We do want to point out a couple services in particular that we do not provide as part of the flat-rate packages:

  • Cleaning/Putting away dishes: because we want you to be able to find them and everyone has different ways of arranging them in the cabinets. Please note that this is included for short-term rental cleanings.
  • Wet wiping light fixtures: because of the breakage and timing factor.
  • Moving Furniture: because furniture is heavy and our crews are not responsible for moving furniture around.
  • Wall cleaning: because it can potentially damage paint


“Alright I’m ready to rock! Now what?”

Awesome! We’re just as excited to wow you and make your life more worry-free.

Super secret insider hint: book now and receive 15 smackaroos off your first cleaning (that means $15 in your pocket!). Click the “Book Now” button below and use the discount TAKE15